Friday, January 13, 2006

create your own visited countries map

I need to work on this a bit. I did have a layover in China, but I am not gonna count it, cause we never left the airport and I am cool like that.

Things that made me sad today

1. The cyclops kitten.
My evil friend was mocking its depth perception, and said, "at least it had no problems with its death perception! har har har. That is sad. I am now more sad

2. The cycloptic kitten reminding me of
the painting of the cyclops by Odilon.

3. I still don't get to snowboard tomorrow
and everyone is making plans to go.

Then there is the fact that all the snow is melting outside. I know it is frigid and slushy and getting dirtier by the day, but it was so pretty before. I really enjoy staring out the window as the snow falls down. What is up with the lack of precipitation in Toyama this week? I suppose it did rain on Tuesday... but we should have rain at least every other day. Madness I tell you! Madness!

Things that make me happy today

1. I made an art quiz for the boards and it sucked up a goodlyish portion of my afternoon boredom, granted I should have been studying!

2. I actually feel like I learned something in college.

3. I have no definite plans for this evening, therefore I get to chill and have a few beers in my futon den of warmth.

4. Sara thinks we might go boarding next weekend in Raichou!!!

5. Classes were only 45 minutes because the kids have to stay an extra hour and clean, mwaa ha ha ha! I also have to stay a bit late, but oh well.

I am glad that the happy outweighs the sad for today!


Andy said...

Hello sweetheart, sorry you are sad.
I must know: I mentioned the cute cyclops's depth perception, but Pedro followed that up with it's death perception. Which once of us is evil? I am trying to keep above 50% 'good' this week.

gretel said...

you are not the evil one. it was merely geoff that is evil today.