Tuesday, December 12, 2006

them's a lot of shoes

A few weeks back, I opened my apartment to 15 ravenous ALTs, a nihonjin with a cold, a CIR, a Simpson, and a dead bird. Hilarity, and a very manky carpet ensued.

the beginning of the feast

my apartment looks deceivingly large without the doors up

My first solo apple pie... Please enjoy gazing at my supremely unorganized spice rack to the right! Oh, and my ralph shirt ironically says, "drop it like it's hot!"

Yuta's got my back with the ice cream, inari llama agrees.

One down... the tryptophan begins its lethal assault.

Second victim, he's only awake to thank us for his sharpee bindi.

Thanks for coming, everyone! We are on again next year, but the turkey isn't invited! Special shout-out to Timmy the party animal for helping procure genocidal ice cream, and Bunni for assisting in the mass hysteria that was the pre-eating hour or so. Oh, and for Adam, for being a good sport and canvas about/for my marker antics. Cheers!