Friday, May 19, 2006

Minor things and Shakespeare

These past couple weeks have hijacked all my spare time. I finally got over the evil disease that had been plaguing me for weeks on end.

I went to see a Japanese interpretation of Shakespeare's Titus Adronicus the next afternoon. It was superb! Eri, the Pope, and I went... alas I had to leave early for Charity Show practice, and thus missed my favorite part of the play. Overwhelming sadness. The only thing lacking from this version of the play was definitely my favorite heathen Goth, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Yesterday, J and I took a trip to Kanazawa to go shopping for his sensei's sayonara presents. It was a really nice day, and getting out of Toyama is always good. Don't get me wrong, I love my ken, but the sunshine is missed. We were both off school, which I was tricked into thinking was a lovely holiday. Nay, I have to work tomorrow (Saturday). Balls.

Other things that happened these past 2 weeks.

Charity Show practice - make it stop. I enjoy it, but want to just do the show already!

Got schooled by Yamashita-sensei - started my new Japanese class and was basically informed that I am a moron and need to work double extra special hard. sigh... ego bruised.

Watched Colin get humped on his bike by a random Russian dude - scary