Sunday, November 13, 2005

Had a great, lazy weekend.

I got to cook a lot, watch movies, lounge around, and share the glory and wonder of nothingness (in the finest sense of the word) with J. We made a dent in the interesting selection of films available at the local Tsutaya (Japanese version of Blockbuster) with a bit of a Pierce Brosnan theme: The Crown Affair, Orgazmo (second time for me... ha ha), and The Tailor of Panama. I would have to say the TCA was my fave, but I am a sucker for art thievery, even if you can't bend a priceless oil painting in half, no matter HOW expensive and fancy your briefcase is!

Deserving of notice, is some random Japanese program we watched last night, whilst admittedly intoxicated, thus increasing its amusement value exponentially... the text sent to aid my memory reads as follows "moshi turtle game. like simon with zappers" It was two men dressed in turtle costumes that challenged these random men from another tv show that was being filmed in the studio next to theirs. They had to play a game where they put their hand or fist in the middle of a table, in turn, to wacky music. Whoever fucked up the rhythm/rules first loses. And to make things more interesting, the turtle dude, and one of the guys challenging them wore electric zapper packs around their waists. After the turtle lost the game, they started zapping the shit out of each other, and screaming in pain. It was hilarious, and I swear, I nearly spit my beer out about 12 times! Quality programming. Quality. I looked for photos, but came up short. So sad.