Tuesday, December 13, 2005

La la la! I love snow!

It has been coming down all day, and I am so excited! It is like my childhood dream come true!

This weekend was a never ending mess. I had a lot of fun, mind you, but it was a bit hectic. Tuesday night, eikaiwa in Toide. Wednesday night, yoga at Daiwa. Then I prepared myself to go to Emma's for a sleepover and we were to head to Toyama together in the morning for the English camp. The English camp was a blast. Emma and Carl's kids are wonderful, and they treated us like we were rock stars for the whole weekend. Our room was GORGEOUS, just me Emma and Renee... fun fun! We got back Saturday night and I went to the JET x-mas dinner at Jacasse. Eh... it was ok. I was really wiped and kinda feeling anti-social. No offense to anyone, its my fault for running on empty genki tanks. But I had a good time, and planned boarding getaways.

Sunday was the International Festival in Tak. Oh my. I found the place around 12:30 and began my 3 hour yoga fest. Keep in mind, I taught about about 10 yoga classes in the past three days alone. I was immediately attacked by a 30 year old Japanese woman who could not speak any English, but was convinced that screaming Japanese in my face would help me to understand her. She had a 2 year old and a 3 year old with her that she and her husband had no control over. I actually thought she was *special for the first 10 minutes I spent with them. Her children loved me, but also loved my coffee and my laptop a little too much. I tried to show her some asanas, but it was hard with the little ones underfoot. After they finally left, I had a great time showing 75 year olds to 5 year olds different asanas. Good times. Plus, Saucypants and I got to samba. The badness happened at the end. My left arm dislocated, and I was writhing on the ground. Ouchie. It is still smarting. Stupid hypermobile body. Sucks sometimes.

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