Monday, January 30, 2006

I fought Iwatake, and Iwatake won

So this is what happens when you try a heel to toe turn on your second run on your third day of snowbarding... but you miss the toe dig, and you backflip landing on your arm.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Snowboarding 101

You are gonna fall all day, and come home in a lot of pain. But it will be so much fun that you will want to do it again and again.

Saturday morning, I drug my ass out of bed (albeit later than Josh) and met up with Cronk and Sara in Tateyama. We drove up to Raichou and the madness began. Bless their hearts, especially Cronk for being so patient. I was a mess the first time down, and I swear, I really WAS trying to put my weight on my left foot! The weather was stunning, and I had nothing to complain about all day, aside from the pain of being a complete newbie. Adam, Jacquie (sp?), Dan, Jake, Joshie, and I were all out there for the first time, and it was hilarious. We were easy to spot from the lifts, as we were the ones falling spectacularly time and time again. Most of the falls were broken by either my ass, or my right knee. There was that one time I fell on my chest and snapped my neck around at a strange angle, but the monkey balm healed that all up. I believe the delicious onsen we went to afterwards also made me feel a lot better.

Next weekend we will be hitting Hakuba, which I have to admit terrifies me slightly. I know that I will be with other new boarders, but I am not sure what to expect. I am also really excited, so weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, for the record… I can ride heel and toe, I can turn toe to heel, and I suck miserably at turning heel to toe. I know it is because I am not as good at toe, so I don’t trust my body to keep me there. I am sure I will get it by the end of Saturday, and if not, I have all day Sunday to whine about how sore I am and figure it out.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sento is for naked people...

Last night, after my Toide eikaiwa, my friend Eri and I drove to Tonami and hit up the most wondrous of Japanese wonders, the sento. I have been quite curious about the sento/onsen phenomenon here in Japan (especially amongst the JET population). I had never been to one, so it was rather difficult to envision. I figured, naked people - check, hot water - check, bubbles of varying frequency - check, more naked people - check. What I got was a great deal more. Eri took me to the new ゆらら (super sento) ! For a mere 700yen we could take as long as we wished popping in and out of an array of different baths. The water was naturally pumped in from a mountain hot spring, and it was beautiful and smelled great!

First was a rinse, then her favorite, the electric wave pool. I thought my hips were going to explode, but she convinced me that it was supposed to be good for them, so I sat there for a while and wondered about my sanity.

We then crossed over to a super-bubble pool with about 5 different sets of jets. One would hit your lowerback, then another your neck, etc etc.

Next were little individual tubs outside. Keeping with Japanese standards, there was a big tv showing a cooking program for all the older women that were enjoying sento.

We tried the individuals then went into the group baths. Its a great feeling with the cold nipping at you while you are soaking away all of your stress in 42.8 degree water! (celcius for those of you who are freaking out right now)

We did a bit of sauna till I couldn’t breathe anymore and moved to a sweet little bath I had never seen before, and the air tasted sweet.

The hot water is pumped in just a few inches deep and you lie flat on these heated (by the water) rocks as the water rinses over what parts of you which are not exposed to the wind. It was deliciously warm and relaxing.

For any of you who have not gone to sento yet, I highly recommend it. For those of you who have, I am already planning a weekly Thurs. night session with Eri, but could easily be convinced to check out what is available in Tak!

My favorite part of the sento, the various sauna rooms.

Friday, January 13, 2006

create your own visited countries map

I need to work on this a bit. I did have a layover in China, but I am not gonna count it, cause we never left the airport and I am cool like that.

Things that made me sad today

1. The cyclops kitten.
My evil friend was mocking its depth perception, and said, "at least it had no problems with its death perception! har har har. That is sad. I am now more sad

2. The cycloptic kitten reminding me of
the painting of the cyclops by Odilon.

3. I still don't get to snowboard tomorrow
and everyone is making plans to go.

Then there is the fact that all the snow is melting outside. I know it is frigid and slushy and getting dirtier by the day, but it was so pretty before. I really enjoy staring out the window as the snow falls down. What is up with the lack of precipitation in Toyama this week? I suppose it did rain on Tuesday... but we should have rain at least every other day. Madness I tell you! Madness!

Things that make me happy today

1. I made an art quiz for the boards and it sucked up a goodlyish portion of my afternoon boredom, granted I should have been studying!

2. I actually feel like I learned something in college.

3. I have no definite plans for this evening, therefore I get to chill and have a few beers in my futon den of warmth.

4. Sara thinks we might go boarding next weekend in Raichou!!!

5. Classes were only 45 minutes because the kids have to stay an extra hour and clean, mwaa ha ha ha! I also have to stay a bit late, but oh well.

I am glad that the happy outweighs the sad for today!