Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Every morning, whilst eating toast...

we were privy to 2 openly homoerotic monkeys displaying their love. The above character is "small monkey" as we liked to call him. He grabbed my finger and sent my heart a flutter. The other monkey was older and a bit of an opportunist, but enough of that.

We stayed in Aonang for about 4 days, while Joshie and Rachel got their open water certs, and I worked on my advanced and acquiring a fantastic case of food poisoning. Gwar (the monster who lives in my stomach) is a bit of an asshole, and this happens fairly regularly, so I was not exactly surprised. Back on track... on our 2nd day out, I got to borrow this fellow's sweet underwater camera setup, and took the following pictures. Keep in mind, for my ego's sake, I am only posting the nice ones. I will save you the trauma of watching me chase a yellow fish around and never getting a decent shot (J was not so lucky, and promptly fell asleep). Without further adieu, and to make Bunny happy:

This is the dive on the first day. Nice and murky, about 18-25m


orange seafan and blackfeatherthingie that I don't know the name of

sea anemone

green-spotted moray

some contrasting anemone and white seaplant

the infamous south asian black urchin of pain

some shrimpies

anemone fish at home

a sea cucumber flanked by black urchins

I think that is as much as I can legitimize posting today, because I have more Japanese work calling me. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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