Monday, February 04, 2008

2008 Check-in

Life is busy, but I am gonna bust out a few things today. Sannensei kiddies don't have to come to school anymore, because they are "preparing for college" or working at the local conbini already, based upon their level of pineappularism. So, I am left with only my ichis, which is great, except I only have 6 classes a week! Note, I am not complaining. This actually gives me time to catch up on my Japanese studies, which my sensei is about ready to beat my skull in about.

Yeah, I should be studying now, shush. Everyone deserves a little procrastination time.

Let's see what I can pull out of my magical blogging hat. Ahh... lists. I do so love them. To begin, things I need to do still in Japan. *the koala yummies I just ate are making my tummy feel weird.

Things I still need to do in Japan

1. see the snow monkeys in Nagano.

2. Hiroshima and Miyajima

3. Yakushima

4. get better at Japanese, damnit

5. dive in Okinawa

6. northern Honshu roadtrip

7. Ise

8. Nikko

9. eat fugu (blowfish)

10. go surfing on the east coast

11. ??? suggestions?

From the previous suggestions I have had, I have managed to get my picture taken with the Prime Minister (his poster at least!)

have been on Japanese TV not once but twice, and have won an award for something stupid (most likely to get naked). I am definitely up for more exciting suggestions, since my list looks more like a "places I still need to go" list.

The past month has been a blur of snowboarding, making up filler lessons on the fly, speaking garbled Japanese, and sento tattoo secret maneuvers. I went to Thailand and Malaysia over the holidays. Thailand was to see J, and to do some more diving. I will get a post up here next with photos from the dive. I think I have one on hand...

Yup, clownfish. These did NOT bite my finger. I still haven't forgiven Sydney for that. I did, however, injure myself, because really, it's not a true vacation if I don't vom and least once, and damage myself somehow. This was caused by my slow sealegs on our first day off of Aonang.

I couldn't have chosen a more aethetically located toe to break! Look at that purple. Please beware, for those of you wishing to emulate my awesomitude, dive fins hurt quite badly when you are powering them with a mangled foot. I did get to see leopard sharks, though, so it was a million times worthwhile. I also became an... ahem Advanced Open Water Diver.

This is right before I vommed, on beautiful Koh something something (Bunny!?) near Railay. I think that yoghurt at breakfast was of the bad variety.

Even better than that (the diving, not the being ill), I got to see J after another long 4 month gap and we headed to Kachanaburi for a few days of nature, stairs, waterfalls, baby elephants, history, peace, and more stairs. I will provide photographic documentation of these events soon.

Rachel and I also spent a few days in Malaysia learning about chocolate, defending our beds against cockroach invasion in Howl's Malay Moving Castle, chasing whales, jumping off of things that hurt my ass, and being overwhelmed by sea turtles. I will post separately about this, for it merits it's own entry. Think that is enough of a teaser to make you come back?

(rocking out to Eve6 right now... what a throwback to high school!)

Also, I think I am gonna get around to posting all my scar photos on a separate page in the next week or so. If I can find the time and the patience to do so. To the text books...

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Bunny said...

The beachy place was phranang beach near Railay West.