Monday, August 19, 2013


We officially live in mountain time now.  This is the view from our local rec center.

Before this went down though... quick recap.

2 visits to Indiana.  A drive to the Upper Peninsula.

Mackinaw City 

Painted Rocks

This path looked like something out of a movie.  I half expected a kodama to rock up and start rattling its head at us.

An adventure to Missouri to meet my new adorable nephew and bestow sumo monkey upon him.

Also,  Botanical Gardens and Ted Drewes, because it's not a trip to St. Louis without a concrete (or two).

Cahokia Mounds

Botanical Gardens

In the first week of July, J and I packed a rental truck and drove from Michigan across the country to Colorado.  Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, grass, corn, more corn, hills, more grass, a few beautiful sunsets, and finally mountains.

We've managed to squeeze in a few mini-trips, hikes, floating down Boulder Creek, and a farmer's market or two.  Boulder and Fort Collins have lured us several times each, but we have yet to properly delve into Denver.

Garden of the gods

Hiking in the Flatirons

Muri is settling in as only she knows how.

J has started teaching, and I'll be starting work in a few weeks with a new company, and getting some great use out of my cookbooks in the meantime.  Next post may be from Southern California!

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