Monday, July 14, 2008

So, Remember Golden Week?

A few months back, J and I (mostly him) drove to the Ise/Wakayama area and did some stuff. We walked along portions of the Kumano Kodo, saw the Great Shrine at Ise, as well as the wedded rocks, climbed more stairs than I care to count, saw beautiful scenery the whole time, played in the river, and well... just look below.

Drippy copper frog. Frogs are particularly important at the Ise Jinja for some reason...

Josh loves trees, especially holy ones.

We couldn't take photos of the actual shrine, so this is the outer area. It's still gorgeous.


Our "shortcut".

Right before our quick hike.

View from the mountain top.

Proof we had a mini-hike.


Tree fungus?

Broccoli trees!

One view down the river.

The other direction.


Carp streamers down the beach.



Buoys and streamers.

That's the day, more later!

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