Wednesday, July 16, 2008

和歌山 Escape Part II

Campsite at 七色.

Coastline and CLEAN beaches!

Recreation of Steveo's famous photo.

Playing with my color settings, and more holy trees.


Banner at the shrine.

So many stairs, and so long of an absence from the gym!

Pathway to the temple, through the torii.

Main entrance of the temple.

Distance shot of the waterfall, and the rooftops of the temple complex.

Pagoda and waterfall.

Under the waterfall.

Kakigoori was the best thing possible after climbing all the stairs.

Tanbo and sunlight.

The three-legged crow is the symbol of the area.

More shrines!

Roofs are my favorite part.

The chrysanthemum, the symbol of the emperor.

J at the beginning of the trail, and the massive torii marking it.

What I look like without a shower.

Our riverbed campsite.

Morning light and broccoli trees.

Yup, more stairs. But these led to a beautiful shrine hidden in the forest.

Aforementioned beautiful shrine.

A view from the other side of the torii.


Pull this to ring the bell and wake up the kami.

I love my new camera so hard.

MORE stairs... J walked all the way to the peak, but I wussed out 1/2 way.

We pulled over and climbed more stairs to another hidden shrine.

The booby temple!

Offering to Buddha.

The little details.

Koya-san an hour before closing time.

More from Koya-san.



Tanuki crossing.

The sea, again.

Lilac tree in Obama.

We had no idea there were so many temples and shrines there.

Obama on the Sea of Japan.

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