Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Return of Toga

A bunch of the Nanto/Tonami region and I, a lone Takaokan rep braved the slopes of Toga Snow Valley last weekend. Here are the resulting images, provided by the kindness of Danielle! Here are the all us ladies working on our hill-free skills. Damn, we make this shit look easy.

After a successful day of bruising our asses, we went to a local restaurant for a great meal. I consumed two bowls of these adorable guys (hotaruika - firefly squid). Last year, I could barely stomach them, but for some reason, these were really good! The owners said that they were fresh caught that morning. Perhaps they are best straight out of the sea. Plus the vegetables they were served with were really complimentary. ? Maybe I have officially been in Japan for too long?

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