Friday, January 12, 2007

My what!?

Last night, I saw some of my friends that I haven't seen since I left in December. While we were driving home, I was asked to, "Please, be honest..." Ok? "Have you gained weight?" Ummm... not that I know of, why? "Because your bust looks like it is bigger. Maybe it is because you wear a blue shirt." Ummm...? Granted, this girl is a very close friend, so this conversation is kinda on par.

The strange part was this. Fast forward to the last class I just taught, my san-nensei home economics based class. "Rora-sensei, etooo... bigger... NICE!" I was convinced they meant they liked my shirt, until we clarified moments later. WTF Japan? Leave the ladies be.

Its amazing how every part of your body, from head to foot is up for discussion here. I do understand the cultural homogenity and whatnot, but they KNOW I am not Nihonjin. They know I am kinda weird, so why is it still suprising? When you dye your hair, it's as if you are standing on a soapbox and screaming for attention. Piercings are a great way to freak kids out, and/or have your high school boys think you are a magical badass. Those are rather bold statements in Japan, I know. But, seriously, NOTHING gets past these kids. They notice what socks I wear everyday, if I happen to have put on a bit of eyeliner, or if my sweater is a little baggier than the usual style I wear. Although they don't mention it, I am almost positive that they know when I trim my fingernails.

They even notice things that I haven't noticed myself. I could probably throw away all the mirrors and reflective surfaces in my home, and just walk through the hallway when I arrive to work in the morning! "Rora, you have a blemish." "Rora, your collar is tucked in." "Rora, your underwear is showing..."

Enough of that. In other news: I have been back from Australia for about a week now, and big thanx to Stevo, Satomi, and Ben for helping show me around, put me up, and show me kangaroos. Much love to you all!

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