Friday, February 17, 2006

My pencil is all good.

This week is officially my favorite week in school so far. I did a superlatives vote with my ichi-nensei classes and they were so cute about it. Here are some highlights of the week:

1. Obviously, cooking on Monday

2. My 3-8 girls coming into school on their day off and giving all their teachers nut muffins.

3. My ichis writing letters to me apologizing for using their keitai in class, and telling me that English class is their favorite and they love me. Even if they were lying, it was nice.

4. All the kids saying good morning on their way to school, as opposed to the terrified silence I have gotten the whole rest of the year. (even the boys!)

5. Being able to read the graffiti I pass every day and realizing it says, "bakayaro," or stupid bastard if you will.

6. One of my 1-2 girls talking to me yesterday on my way to the eki. She was telling me about the boy she likes and how he plays basketball in gym with her, sits next to her, texts her every night at midnight, is on the volleyball team, and is SO cool! She gave him chocolate on Valentine's day and hopes that he likes her. But she is worried that she is not pretty, because she asked who he thinks is pretty and he said Laura-sensei. Uh oh! I hugged her and said that she is beautiful, and we are both sexy ladies! She giggled unstoppably and went away with a big smile. I hope that was appropriate. Oh well, if not, I am fired!

I will leave you with Yoshida-kun's favorite thing:

"My foverite thing is my pencil. Because my pencil is red and that is get used to my red pencil. and that my pencil is all good."

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