Wednesday, February 15, 2006


A few weeks ago, I had promised my 18 Canada homestay kids and my English club girls that we would make cookies. Then I broke my arm. Well played. So, this Monday, I finally made it up to them, and we spent 2 glorious hours baking away. I managed the convert the English recipe to metric via the power of technology, figuring it would be difficult enough for the little buggers to translate the recipe as it was. They separated into groups and began the daunting process of creaming butter and sugar together. Keep in mind, most of these kids have NEVER assisted their mothers in the kitchen before, so the home-ec room is like a foreign land. My English club girls rock, because we made sugar cookies back in December. Theirs were by far the prettiest, and most cookie-like of all the varieties we ended up with.

The four boys provided the most entertainment, however. They mixed the batter alright, but that's where the fun started!

The cookies were sporatically placed on a "greased" cookie sheet (note: the recipe did not call for a greased sheet!) and were so huge that they all melded together to create the infamous GIANT COOKIE. To be fair, nearly all of the groups, unless they were blessed with an English club girl, had entire sheet cookie action for the first tray.

After the second mess, I went over to help the poor boys, to cheers of "Sugei" at my spatulaing abilities. I am a domestic goddess, who knew?! After their 4th sheet came out resembling cookies, they chose the prettiest one and presented it to me. They were not satisfied till I ate it and proclaimed, "Oishiiii!" I love my kids!

My spirits were bolstered by my kiddies, once again. During class, I asked them to write a V-day message to someone they love. One of my boys wrote,

"Happy Valentine's Day Yeah!
Give me chocolate!
Be yours."

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Saipan Chamoale said...

Please don't make statements like "I think my bad luck is over."

I don't want to get hit with by comet.