Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the Way Home

Josh and I are enjoying our last day in Rishikesh. The computer, however, is not really letting me type without constantly changing things into Hindi characters instead of the English I'm typing. Oh well, too much technology, what can you do? We might visit the Beatles' ashram that is pretty famous here, this afternoon. Otherwise, we're packed and ready to go. The yoga course certification ceremony was last night. With the puja, concert, and handing out of the certificates we were sitting from 3:30 till about 9:00pm. I realized that a straight hour of sitar (even when the musician is quite talented)is a bit much for one sitting.

Tomorrow at 4:30am we're taking one last walk across the bridge over the Ganga and heading to Hardiwar by cab and then to Delhi by train. We will be in the air and headed to Detroit by early Tuesday morning. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the US homefront soon, and all of you everywhere else in the near future! Will write more when we get back and have my own computer again. I promise photos will be posted as well.

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