Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Setting some goals for my last year in Japan. My imminent return to the outside world is a scary and exciting event on the horizon, and I am trying to prepare myself for a cushy landing.

In the next year, I need to do/will do the following:

  • re-take the GRE (hoping to raise my score a bit... damned computer test)
  • hunt down one of my favorite professors who retired, thus solving my looming 2nd letter of recommendation question
  • pass 2-kyuu in December, because I am about 99.9% sure that the July test was hopeless
  • fill out all my apps by May
  • make sure I have really narrowed my schools down to 2, and am not just dreaming
  • figure out how and where J and I will move all of our past 5/6 years of stuff/lives
  • discreetly freak out about leaving Japan
  • stockpile enough cash to float us through our first year of school/apt without a job just in case the economy is still in the crapper
  • get my yoga into gear prior to India
  • etc etc
  • sort out the selling of and getting rid of all my accumulated toys/junk
After writing it down, it doesn't look so bad. Some of the points are long-term goals, and need not be rushed, but I have a lot of studying ahead of me.

I also want to be sure to keep up with the Matsumoto Ukiyo-e Museum's 3-month shows. We went back in March and although the architecture is a bit trippy, the museum is a gem. Hoping to head back in September after the current show swaps over. I am not the biggest fan of courtesan/"fancy" lady prints, well... at least not a show of only them.

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