Friday, February 13, 2009

In my Absence, I dream

3 of us were traveling together. 2 had bones broken, and were taken in by a man who seemed to be gentle, and offered us spaghetti sauce later that day. He healed our broken legs with a gun. He had a small dog, which seemed to switch between happy and nervous. I wandered outside while the man was preoccupied, and saw a neighbor. I walked to him and asked how the man treated the dog. He said that the man was lovely to the dog as long as it remained inside, but once it stepped foot out the door, the man became extremely violent. I began to worry, and simultaneously noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was a 3-4 foot tall jet black creature. It was all legs, slowly making it's way down the street like an ink-drenched alien spider. I was afraid. I questioned the neighbor about this monster as well. He said it was a "wethen" and it fed on spaghetti sauce, which is what you are having for dinner. It knows what you are having for dinner, it can smell it. I started running for the house. Slamming the screendoor behind me, I screamed for the others. The wethen clawed at the door and shrieked at an ear-piercing pitch. It pushed me over and broke through the door, only to jump on the face of my friend. Flashforward: the man somehow subdued the wethen, and placed it in my friend's arms as she sat on the couch. He instructed her to bite each of it's arms. I ran from the room. I couldn't understand why they trusted the man. If he and the wethen feed on the same thing, there is something in him to fear.


Sarah said...

Sorry, this has nothing to do with your post, but this is the only method I could think of to tell you. ^^

We've never met, and I only stumbled upon your blog by searching for "Kappa" on Google, but I think you are amazing.
I'm 17 and Canadian, and I've been learning Japanese since I was six (only beginning to learn katakana in grade 7 (age 12)).
I think you are absolutely brilliant. Hell! You're vegetarian and you live in Japan! That is uber cool in my books.
My mum's always wanted to send me to Japan, I've got family that live in Kyoto (whom I have never met, except for one cousin and her friend).

Anyways! I really want to thank you for writing this blog that I accidentally stumbled upon. Now I REALLY want to go to Japan, like, ten times more than I did before!

- Sarah :)

gretel said...

Thanks for reading, Sarah. I recommend you visit Japan, if not before college, then perhaps through a study abroad program. Many of my friend here, who studied Japanese before they came, really advanced their skills at Uni here.

Glad "kappa" could bring you here!