Friday, May 16, 2008

It's back...

Being faced with a few days of office confinement, and having spent the entire day Thursday studying my hypothetical nards off, I am posting a blog. Oh my, desperation? No, not only that. You see, some of my dear friends from all over the damn world are quite difficult to keep in contact with on a regular basis. So, I am making an effort to update more (we'll see how long this lasts) and perhaps provide a clue as to what is happening on the shores of Nippon.

Life isn't necessarily glamorous, but it's fun as hell. My personal contemplations of late are revolving around ways to cut my nutty schedule down. The following runs through my head repeatedly: "I am really busy right now, but if I just make it through till .... (next month, next week, etc.) then I will have more time to relax, see my friends, spend with Josh..."

Perhaps I need to get rid of one of my eikaiwas? I love both of them for different reasons, but as 2kyuu comes creeping up ready to devour me in December (I know it's a LONG time away, but it's a scary test!), I desperately want more time to devote to studying. This inevitably leads to me pondering if I would actually use that time I would have opened up in my schedule to study. Honest evaluation of my slacker psyche mostly sounds like giggling. I have been doing well on my weekly quizzes, but I'm afraid it's solely due to my short-term memorization prowess. The words, you see... they leak out of my brain at night. I think that's what causes the pillows to have those creepy yellow stains on them when you take the pillowcases off to wash. Eeew... dirty kanji.

In happy domestic news, I have been on a cooking experimentation spree. Thus far, J appears to be happy with the majority of the concoctions. Either that, or he is so hungry by the time I finally finish cooking (sorry!) that he'd eat dog poo with relish. This week's crowning glory was a cooperative effort of J's secret red sauce, and my attempts at Italian cooking... calzones! Mmmm... too bad my oven is slow as molasses. Oh man, does that make me southern? I blame you for making that phrase a part of my vernacular, Dad!

Sweet lord... is it time to go home??? FREEDOM, I can taste it!

Join us tomorrow for the WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK ON SATURDAY edition.

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