Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bit of a Hiatus

I was so hoping that the plural of hiatus was going to be hiati... nope.

In other news, I just returned from a weekend of musical gorging. As previously mentioned, I was to attend Fuji Rock 2007 this weekend. And, I am gonna put it out there now... I want to be at Fuji Rock 2008. Time to start saving up my 10yennies! Here are some stats.

8 Toyama-ites
4 tents
3 days of camping
4 homemade onigiri *mmmm...
3 bagels!
20 bands seen
0 showers
?? beers
1 cardboard robot
4 instruments played in drum circle
2 bowls of vegetarian curry
2 rainshowers
4 times Less Than Jake slagged American girls
2 circle pits
60 years Robert Smith looks like he has aged
1 time I embarassed myself in front of Yellowcard

Please enjoy photos stolen from Timmy and Bunny.

Nikujaga's very own Nikubot of love.

The village of tenty goodness

The boys from the man-tent

Me "impressing" Yellowcard with my old school ways.

Iggy Pop falling in a hole couldn't put a damper on our fun. Hurrah for Fuji Rock!

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