Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A farewell to Roo

My nearly 20 year old cat, that has been around since I was the tender age of 6 has left us. After a horribly sad email, I knew her end was nigh. Very sad. In the past few years, she has lost most of her hearing, and a good portion of her eyesight, but was still pretty damn genki. Her recent claim to fame was her love of getting "vacuumed" by Brenndan (my brother-in-law). I suppose without any sound, a vacuum would feel pretty good on you if you were furry, ne? We will miss you Roo.

My favorite Roo story was definitely when my dad shot her in the ass with a bb-gun. Now, before you call animal cruelty, hear me out. I had a pet squirrel when I was younger, and we had released him into the wild when he was old enough to handle himself. He would often come back to the porch to eat peanut butter and other goodies we left out for him. One day, Roo was laying in wait. She was a seasoned hunter, often leaving mouse, squirrel, and bird heads for us at the back door. Such a thoughtful dear. Anyways, Casey (ze squirrel) was heading back for his little forest home with a stomach full of nuts, when Roo attacked. I was screaming, and my dad (who is not the biggest fan of cats, but LOVED the squirrel) heard me saying Casey was gonna get killed by Roo, and he grabbed his bb-gun.

Honestly, it was just to scare her out of the tree/fence where she was perched. It was a bb-gun after all. So, he shot, I screamed more, she fell out of the tree with a "MROoooowWrrR!" Turns out, she was fine, just a little blood. She managed to get a mouthful of Casey's tail, but just fur. Everyone was ok, just a bit worse for wear. As a bonus, she never had the bb removed (we were a little afraid of telling the vet that we shot the cat in the ass), and would love getting her buttscratched after it healed.

Fare thee well in the afterlife, scritchy ass cat.

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